In Progress: Guitar Jellyfish

final guitar

Okay so I know I don’t usually post twice in one week, but I’m really excited to share this with you.  I finished the guitar for my guitar-jellyfish morph project!  This was all done by hand.  I looked at a picture for reference but I created ever little thing about this guitar.  I made the shapes, the wood texture, the pick guard, the strings.  I chose the colors and I made frets and every little detail.  I’m so proud of this piece.  It’s the most realistic looking thing I’ve ever created in Photoshop.  I even added my name where the guitar company’s name would be.  I’m really excited to share this with you because it’s one of my more favorite pieces I’ve done.  I hope the jellyfish for this project comes out as good as the guitar.  While I was working on this piece, I was listening to Brand New, specifically  the songs: Jude Law and a Semester Abroad and Seventy Times 7.  Those two songs are on the playlist and I hope you give them a listen!  I’ll keep updating as this project goes on!


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