Current Mood: Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

So this week has not been one of the greatest.  It’s been raining and snowing all week…will we ever see spring?!?  And I  have been dealing with some stuff in my personal life that’s made me feel a little bit down.  Whenever I’m feeling really down, I like to listen to Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.  I know it’s not the happiest song and I know it’s probably not a good idea to listen to sad songs when you’re sad, but it helps me to deal with what’s going on in my life.  This is the album art for The Black Parade which I also love because of the skeleton guy. and the My Chemical Romance text (image property of Reprise Records)

The first time I heard this song, I was in 8th grade.  I was working on a group project with a bunch of kids I didn’t like.  I was put in their group because I was a good student and my teacher wanted me to keep them in line.  And of course, me growing up as a *good girl* did all the work.  I went to a small Catholic school from Kindergarten-8th grade.  I listened to Radio Disney for most of my life.  My Chemical Romance was so not something I would have listened to.  I listened to Jesse McCartney and The Click Five.  I would never have been allowed to listen to My Chem….like ever.

So I heard this song and I didn’t really like it to start.  It also didn’t fit the project we were doing (it was a history project on something that has long been gone from my memory).  They wanted to use it for the Powerpoint presentation and I think in the end we did.  But let me tell you, 14 year old me wasn’t happy that they were using this song.

Once I got to college, I started listening to other bands.  I was slightly depressed at college for the first semester…probably even the whole first year.  So I started listening to more music that reflected that.  Eventually I came across My Chemical Romance and I listened to Welcome to the Black Parade for the first time since 8th grade.  It really hit home.  I connected with the lyrics.  I loved it.  The song is probably still one of my most favorite My Chem songs.  I listened to that song on repeat for probably a week.  It really helped me get through some hard times and even now I’ll listen to the whole The Black Parade album when I’m having a bad day.  Something about the songs on this album make me feel a lot less alone when I’m not in a good mood.

The very beginning of the song is the part that’s the most meaningful to me.  I’ve included the lyrics to that part because it’s always stood out to me.

 “He said, ‘Son when you grow up,
Would you be the savior of the broken,
The beaten and the damned?’
He said ‘Will you defeat them,
Your demons, and all the non-believers,
The plans that they have made?’
‘Because one day I’ll leave you,
A phantom to lead you in the summer,
To join The Black Parade.'”

When I’m feeling down and having a terrible day, this is my default song because it talks about someone leading all the outcasts.  And when I’m upset, I feel like I don’t belong, so this song is very relatable to me.  It comforts me to know that I’m not alone.  And maybe it’ll help you when you’re feeling down too.  I encourage you to listen to it and really pay attention to the lyrics whenever you’re having a bad day.