I’m Back…Changes are Coming

So I realized over the summer, with a little help from those who love me, that I somehow lost my passion and drive for design along the way.  Maybe it’s the pressure of classes and having to do well and competing with all the other designers out there.  But at some point I sort of stopped caring.  I haven’t done art or design for fun in months.  I haven’t really made a decent, new artwork in months.  And I need to change that.  Design is my passion.  It’s something I love to do, but I’ve lost the dedication.  I need to get back on that.  I need to turn my design life around and practice every day no matter what.  Someone that I love very much is a dedicated musician.  He plays every day for hours just so he can get better at what he loves.  I need to do that.  And I am.  This semester of school is going to be me starting over on a lot of things to make them better…it’s going to be hard, but I’m trying to make myself the best me I can be.  I think at some point this site will get a redesign and a revamp once I start getting back on track.  I want to try to post weekly with some sort of design and music or art or just something I’ve been working on.  I want to find my passion again.


I’m the new Design Assistant at my college radio station!

So I work WSOU, my college’s radio station. I just started there a few months ago and it’s been so much fun.  And recently I applied to be the Design Assistant for the upcoming year and tonight I found out I got it! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings designing for the radio station! It’s a dream come true!


So this is my blog.  It’s a combination of the two things I like most: music and design.  I am currently a Graphic Design major working towards a minor in fine arts and web design.  Ideally, I’d love to work as a designer in the music industry once I graduate college, so I figured this would would be a good place to start.   Many of my designs are inspired by music whether on a subtle note, or whether it’s blatantly obvious.  I’m hoping to show the work I do and what music inspires it.  Sometimes, I’m inspired by a specific song, other times it’s a whole album or artist or even different genres.  Most of my designs are inspired by pop punk, alternative, and post-hardcore music since that’s what I enjoy listening to most.  I always have some sort of music playing as I work, and that’s what inspires me to design the way I do.  I choose the music based off the project theme and what I think the overall feeling of the work should be.  I like having the music on to help me visualize creatively what should go on in the design.  Music and design go hand in hand for me.