Stop Motion Walk on the Jersey Shore

Check out this cool video I made! It’s a stop motion walk along some places on the Jersey Shore.

All music, art, photographs, and designs are original. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share!


In Progress: Seaside Park Website (Class Project)

seaside park comp

In my Web Design II class, we’re working on redesigning the old version of Seaside Park, NJ’s website.  We’re supposed to take the information given on an old version of the website and make it into a new and improved site.  Right now, we’re working on making the comps to later code into an actual website.

This is where I’m at right now, with a home and a secondary page.  I kept the beach theme going between all the pages and kept the blue and white repeating throughout the pages.  While I was working on this project, I’ve been listening to The Front Bottoms who are a band from New Jersey.  They’re indie rock and more of an acquired taste of music but definitely don’t rule them out after just one listen.  I’ve included a lot of the songs I like by them in the In Progress Playlist so definitely check them out.  I’d recommend putting them on shuffle and just listening to them. The lyrics are really powerful and I chose to listen to them because this is a New Jersey based website with a New Jersey based band.  I’m going to talk about them in a later series where I talk about music I’m listening to.  I liked the statewide unity I’ve got going on with this project.  Especially because some of The Front Bottom’s songs mention being from New Jersey.  Once I finish the fully coded website, there will be more pictures to come!