Some Changes…Again

So I’m sorry for the lack of a post on Thursday.  It was a pretty hectic day for me.  I was printing and submitting stuff to the student art show on campus.  Annnnnd, four of my pieces got in!  Two fine arts and two design.  I’ll be sure to share them once the gallery opens!

But all of that aside, I want to just make one post a week for now, ranging anywhere from music and design to music or design.  I’m a college student and this is what I have time for right now.  Maybe in the summer I’ll do more or maybe I’ll make a set day for certain posts.  But for now, one post a week, on Tuesdays.


Schedule Changes

For the past few weeks I’ve been posting one Inspired By on Tuesdays and one In Progress on Thursdays.  I’m going to change that so that Tuesdays will be either an Inspired By or an In Progress and Thursdays will feature a new post about an album I like, music I’m listening to, or a designer that’s inspired me.  So Tuesdays will still be music and design posts but Thursdays will now be a post about things relating to music and design that inspire me or are important to me. I hope you enjoy these changes!