In Progress: Guitar Jellyfish Morph

guitar creation copy

So here’s my latest update on the Guitar Jellyfish morph piece for my Digital Painting class.  I created this entire image in Photoshop.  I know it’s not done but I’ve made some serious progress since the sketch a few weeks ago.  I found an image of a guitar so I could recreate the basic shape of the guitar.  Then I made rough outlines of the basic shapes: the body, the neck, the top.  I needed a wood texture so I found a tutorial and made my wood texture and overlaid it on the wooden pieces.  I still have to add the strings and the finer details of the guitar to make it look as realistic as possible.  Once I finish this guitar, I’m going to make the jellyfish.

While I’ve been working on this piece, I’ve been listening to my college radio station WSOU since I do some work there.  Right now, I’m helping out with the Punk University Show which you can listen to at 8pm on Tuesdays.  It’s a really good mix of punk and ska and I’ve been getting introduced to a lot of good music.  After the show, I’ll add a link to our Spinitron playlist and I’ll add it to this Spotify playlists.  Enjoy!